Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd is proposing to develop a multi-purpose infrastructure corridor that will provide a low cost – high volume export solution for iron ore mined in the Braemar Region and infrastructure including roads, electricity and water to support and facilitate mining in the Braemar Region. The Braemar Bulk Export Project is a major investment in South Australia. The first stage of the project is estimated to cost around $2 billion.

The project will receive iron ore concentrate produced by iron ore mines located in the Braemar Region in north-east South Australia and deliver it to a floating storage and off load facility located in the Spencer Gulf, where it will be loaded onto ships for export.

The project will have a capacity of up to 100 million tonnes per annum (mtpa). The project will be developed in stages, with the first stage expected to have a capacity of 25mtpa. Production of 100mtpa of iron ore concentrate represents an eight fold increase in the amount of iron ore currently being export from South Australia.

The project involves:

  • up to four underground slurry pipelines from mines in the Braemar Region to an export facility located in Spencer Gulf;
  • up to four underground process and slurry return water pipelines which will deliver process water extracted from the Spencer Gulf and slurry return water to the mines in the Braemar Region;
  • a Floating Processing, Storage and Offloading facility, located in Spencer Gulf approximately 4km off the coast north west of Point Riley, where large export vessels (i.e. greater than 150,000 tonnes) will receive the iron ore concentrate for export;
  • a transmission line from the existing electricity network to the Braemar Region;
  • a road from east of Burra to the Braemar Region;
  • associated support and service facilities, including pump stations, pressure management storage tanks, valves, cathodic protection ground beds and pressure relief product storage facilities;
  • a control, maintenance and operations base near Burra; and
  • a marine supply base proposed to be at Wallaroo Port.

The infrastructure corridor is approximately 385km long. It is proposed to commence at the off shore export loading facility approx 4km off Myponie Point north west of Wallaroo, travel eastward to the south of Snowtown and Burra before heading east and then north east to an end point at the South Australia - New South Wales border approximately 45km south of Cockburn.


Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd considers integrating sustainable development principles into the project essential to its success. The project management team has applied sustainability principles throughout the planning and scoping phases of the project, and the application of these principles will continue throughout the engineering, construction, operation and decommissioning phases. It is a goal of Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd to ensure the Braemar Bulk Export Project maximises its positive social, environmental and economic impacts and minimises its negative impact.

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