The Project

The Braemar Bulk Export Project represents a major investment in South Australia that will generate jobs and economic activity. It is critical "enabling" infrastructure, which will create a financially and physically viable means of exporting iron ore mined in the Braemar Region.

"A financially and physically viable means of exporting iron ore"

It is anticipated that the project will be a significant contributor to the establishment of a viable mining and processing industry in north-east South Australia and provide an economic boost to this region.


Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd embraces its environmental and social responsibilities in developing the Braemar Bulk Export Project. These responsibilities are an essential part of how it will develop this project and interact with stakeholders.

"Environmental and social responsibilities are an essential part of the business"

Sustainability initiatives will be integrated in the project's development plans as the project advances.

Our Approach

Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd is committed to thoroughly reviewing the project's impacts both positive and negative. Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd will identify key issues affecting the project and address those issues so that their impacts are identified and understood. Where potential negative impacts are identified Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd will seek to avoid or mitigate those impacts. Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd is committed to engaging, informing and consulting with the community about the project as its develops. It will consult with stakeholders and the broader community in a structured way that will allow for meaningful participation in the assessment process.

Land Access and Easements

The project will be contacting each landholder along the proposed route to discuss the nature of the project and to seek access for studies and to help determine an optimal route. Braemar Infrastructure will discuss route options and an easment with landholders where the route crosses properties.

Infrastructure solutions

Braemar Infrastructure is committed to developing a multi-user infrastructure solution for the Braemar region. A multi-user system provides better economics for every user compared to a single user financing and operating closed infrastructure.

Invest with us

Toll Resources Management is a company specialized in Mining, Minerals Processing and bulk materials handling logistics. Transportation, Logistics and infrastructure are grouped in the Australian legal entity, Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd (BIPL). Exploration, Mining and Minerals Processing are grouped in Australian legal entities Fe Mines Limited and Olary Magnetite Pty Ltd. Exploration licenses owned by the Group potentially host 20 billion tonne of magnetite mineralisation. To date the Braemar has not been exploited due to the lack of a deep water port and lack of a reliable process water supply, which will be resolved by solutions developed by BIPL, the key to which is a Bulk Export Facility which has a gazetted Major Project Status with the South Australian Government.